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What Was The First Video Game Played In Space?

What Was The First Video Game Played In Space?

By daniele

Gaming has always been full of exciting “firsts,” whether the first platformer or the first handheld console in earth or in space. If it is the first of its kind, you can be sure it will be remembered for the rest of the time. In the case of one game, the feat that it accomplished was indeed out of this world. You probably didn’t realize it, but Guinness World Records established a record for “the first person to play a video game in space” in 1993. Aleksandr A. Serebrov, a Russian astronaut who periodically found himself with spare time during a space mission, was given this extraordinary title. Serebrov would game during his free time to keep himself engaged, oblivious to the actual consequences of his activities. Serebrov has forever etched in gaming history thanks to a famous puzzle game and a portable to keep him calm during his mission.

  • Serebrov hasn’t had a Nintendo Switch or any modern handheld console to keep him amused since he was flown to space in 1993. Serebrov had no option but to bring his trusty Game Boy and a copy of Tetris to keep him company in the dark, damp emptiness that is deep space because there were no home consoles on board the space station he was in. Serebrov was able to complete his 196-day trip because of this remarkable combination.


What is the first game played in space 

Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr A. Serebrov took his Game Boy on his 1993 flight to the MIR Space Station, where he played Tetris in his (limited) downtime. NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff played multiple remote chess games against different planet-bound Earthlings from the International Space Station in 2008. To ensure that none of the pieces vanished into the void, he placed a felt board and velcro on the bottoms of the details.

  • A 2018 doubles badminton competition with Russian, American, and Japanese ISS crewmembers was the first-ever space sport. The zero-gravity situation made things a little more complicated, but in the end, they didn’t keep score since “friendship won.”

What are some of the video games that have been played in space?

During his stay on the Mir space station in 1998, astronaut Andy Thomas used computer games as a mental break. On the International Space Station, astronauts recently tested a HoloLens VR device by playing an Alien Invaders video game.