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What is the universe made of?

What is the universe made of?

By daniele

Everything that exists in the universe is itself a universe. The universe is one whole word. It includes the moon, Earth, time, matter, energy, etc. All these things that are visible or can be felt are said to be the universe. Universe has countless galaxies, which themselves contain billions and millions of stars.

It is believed that the universe is made of three types of substances

1) Normal matter 

2) Dark matter

3) Dark energy

Normal matter:

Atoms collectively make stars, planets, living things present in the universe, and visible things are ordinary matter. Experts believe that a tiny proportion of the universe (between 1% to 10%) is made of ordinary matter. 

Dark matter:

It is believed that most of the universe is made of dark matter, but it is pretty interesting that the experts also say that dark matter can’t be seen or doesn’t exist physically. Its existence is felt and shown by the gravitational effects in the universe. 

Dark energy:

According to experts, the universe is expanding with time. Dark energy acts as an opposition to gravitational force. Dark energy was theorized by international teams in 1998. Phantom dark energy is an example of dark energy that increases over time.

Some experts believe that 70% of the universe is made of dark energy, 25% dark matter, and 5% ordinary matter, which means dark energy controls the universe. On the other hand, some experts deny the phenomenon of dark energy as they state that dark energy does not even exist. Most astronomers have concluded after long research that because of dark energy, everything fills up. 

Since we all know the simple phenomenon that everything that is present in-universe has a cause for its presence. Whether it’s living things, space, Earth, moon, stars, etc., it is concluded that this universe exists because of its cause.