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What is the first movie to be filmed in space?

What is the first movie to be filmed in space?

By daniele

A Russian crew has returned to Earth after finishing the scene of the first movie filmed in space. KlimShipenko and actor Yulia Peresild were greeted by a crew who left the International Space Station, landed in Kazakhstan, and filmed the touchdown scene. Filming on the ISS is not without a drama worthy of a movie called “Challenge.” On Friday, the ISS thrusters were broken, the ISS suddenly tipped, and the shooting was suspended. This was not considered part of the script. In a farewell tweet from the ISS, Peresyldo showed off his weightless hairstyle and seemed to have interfered with a conspiracy theorist who believes everything was filmed on Earth.

NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

The movie is a unique space race with Tom Cruise. He seems to be participating in a Hollywood space shoot project involving NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The module with Peresyrde, Sipenko, and astronaut Oleg Novitsky on board fell into the Kazakh prairie with a parachute around noon on Sunday.

Due to a bug that occurred on Friday, they could not measure for about 30 minutes, but their departure was not delayed. For the crew, this is not the only technical flaw. On arrival on Oct. 5, the Soyuz Cruz automated docking system failed, and the commander had to switch to manual operation.

The Challenge plot is not yet clear, but the section on the ISS seems to indicate that Pereshild’s doctor is going to operate on a sick astronaut (Nobitsky, Cameo) who cannot be treated on Earth. The actors and directors will be taken to Russia’s Star City training base for ten days, two days shorter than their actual space stay.

Feature film

The feature film, invented by the head of the space agency Roscosmos, had at one time sacked the head of a crew mission for the project. Sergey Krikarev, a space mission veteran, got his job back a few days later amid widespread anger at his dismissal.

According to NASA’s Secretary-General

According to NASA’s Secretary-General Jim Brydenstein, NASA will work with Tom Cruise to film the first movie taken in space. Elements of the scheme have not been announced, but Bridenstine says the film will take place on the International Space Station. Bridenstine didn’t mention how Cruise would join this adventure, but NASA spokesmen confirmed to CNN that Cruise would be launched into space and stay on the ISS.