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What is SpaceX and why was it created?

What is SpaceX and why was it created?

By daniele

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is the full name of SpaceX. It is an American Company that came into being in 2002 by Elon Musk. It is the constructor and producer of many aerospace technologies and transportation services. He made his rockets etc. SpaceX was the first company to send its aircraft to space, returning safely to the Earth without any damage. SpaceX has headquarters in California, USA, and Hawthorne. Regional offices of SpaceX are present in Houston, Texas, Virginia, D.C, and Washington. One office is opened in the Seattle region, where highly qualified engineers, developers, and constructors are hired. The ultimate goal of SpaceX was to travel space through spacecraft made by him to know more and more about space. He launched the most advanced rockets and spacecraft for the first time. SpaceX is an independent private company which is invented to manage expenses. It has both government and private customers. SpaceX has constructed three rockets and one launch vehicle. Nowadays, its biggest customer is the U.S government, and it serves cargo run cheaper than how NASA has done previously. As SpaceX launched big and successful rockets and spacecraft, SpaceX is more famous than NASA. 

The intention of making SpaceX was to have cheaper flights to space compared to other spacecraft and rockets. He made inexpensive aircraft and rockets. Flights were also more affordable than previous ones. Elon Musk wanted to make transportation concepts more rapid to run between major cities. His target and purpose were evident and thoughtful. As he was best at engineering, he wanted to construct and use companies to find ways to solve environmental, social, and economic challenges and problems. Preciously rockets were used only one time. SpaceX made it possible to reuse rockets and other vehicles and make space crafts able to put more big telescopes. SpaceX also developed the Merlin engine, a less costly engine compared to other machines used by other companies.