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The six most famous astronauts of all time

The six most famous astronauts of all time

By daniele

In the career path of astronauts, there is only one potential place for employment: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is commonly known as NASA.  It isn’t easy to gather information about famous astronauts globally, but here is the list of some whose achievements and records can never b forgotten.

Yuri Gagarin:  The First Men in the Space

The first-ever words were emitted by him, which were: “I see Earth. It’s so beautiful”. He had a Russian nationality. On April 12, 1961, he did his first orbital flight to space in 108 minutes in his Vostok aircraft covering the 327 kilometers area, which is approximately the altitude of 203 meters; that’s how he had received the title of the first human to fly in the space. 

JOHN GLENN: First American to Orbit Earth

In the same end year of 1961, john becomes the first American to orbit the Earth. He flew in his spacecraft named friendship 7, which orbited the Earth three times in just 5 hours. 

Later in the year 1998, he also recognized the oldest person who flew to space; that was when he joined the STS-95 crew in space Shuttle Discovery.

NEIL ARMSTRONG & BUZZ ALDRIN: First Steps on the Moon

This was one of the most broadcasted sessions played on television of all the times, when  American Astronaut  Neil Armstrong stepped on dull grey and alien surface on July 20, 1969. After eagerly waiting for 20 minutes, his companion, Buzz Aldrin, joined the Armstrong on that unique surface. After spending two and a half hours, they accumulated different soil samples, conducted experiments there, and most importantly, they planted the U.S flag there and came down with this commitment that they would have their names in the history books. 

Jim Lovell

He directed the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission when the major television channels were broadcasted them on April 13, that suddenly the public noticed the oxygen tank gets exploded at night in the spacecraft. This put the life and the mission too in serious condition. That’s why it is also called the dramatic survival story of an astronaut. 

Saly Ride: First Women in Space

She belongs to California, broke the gender barrier in 1983, and became a Soviet cosmonaut. She did two shuttle flights and had an award-winning career in her university, where her expertise and wisdom both were appreciated. 

Chris Hadfield

He belonged to Canada and was one of the most famous and publicly liked astronauts. He visited two separate ISS in his career and recorded a song in the space.

These were the famous personalities who added their work to this area.