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The 20 best space websites

The 20 best space websites

By daniele

If you have ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what you are seeing, this list of 20 best space websites is for you.

If you’ve ever looked at the night sky and wondered what the undisputed world champions of all space sites – photos, celestial maps, detailed information, and the chance to see shuttle launches and astronaut interviews on NASA’s TV channel – are looking at, this list is for you.

Download the much-touted sister application to Google Earth, which allows users to zoom in on distant galaxies and view constellations and planetary movements.

Astronomy now is a great monthly magazine available for purchase, but they also have a very good website with astronomy news. Reading the articles online might be a good starting point for a subscription.

Do you want to know the latest space-related news? If the answer is yes, then Universe Today is for you. The blog is packed with the latest astronomical news and events and welcomes comments from visitors.

Formerly known as Bad Astronomy on the Discover site, this blog, now at, contains interesting and thought-provoking stories.

Sky and Telescope is a magazine that you can purchase, but it also has a great website full of information, interesting articles, and the latest space-related news

Let me let you in on a little secret: …… This is my secret boom!  I love this site. You can get a lot of information, including a star chart, information about the solar system, and much more. It looks very simple, but the reason I appreciate Heavens Above so much is that it provides up-to-date information about the International Space Station, the greatest man-made structure in the universe.

The Planetary Society is an active non-profit organization whose mission is to expand public knowledge of space exploration. Their website, Planetary, focuses on creating accessible and educational content for those interested in space exploration.

The astronomy community Cloudy Nights provides readers with informative articles and reviews of popular tools for stargazing.

Beautifully designed site related to the European Space Agency (ESA). The site features news, image galleries, web TV streams, updates on ESA projects, job opportunities, and more.

This UK-based site aggregates news from a wide range of fields including science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

With a history spanning more than 30 years, the site provides comprehensive online and print coverage of developments in the military, civilian, and commercial space industries.

This site provides news on space development around the world.

This site is the main site of the Space Media Network, which consists of more than 20 active sites.

In partnership with the National Space Society, this site provides the latest aerospace industry news from an international team of writers.

HubbleSite, named after the Hubble Space Telescope launched by NASA in 1990, continues to view the wonders of the universe.

Space debris is the machinery and debris left behind by humans in space.

It can refer to large objects that have ended their mission, such as satellites that have malfunctioned or have been left behind in orbit. It can also refer to smaller items such as debris or paint chips that have fallen from rockets.

The Planetary Society is an active non-profit organization whose mission is to promote public knowledge of space exploration.

If you are looking for a website that covers these topics under one roof, EarthSky may be one of your best options. The website is divided into several categories, each targeting individuals with different interests.

Every day, Astroengine scrutinizes studies and documents published by scientists around the world and publish those that do not receive the attention they deserve.