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Is there a human settlement on the moon?

Is there a human settlement on the moon?

By daniele

Lewis Gartner, a space biologist at the University of Westminster in London, says, “We already have or at least understand the technology needed for the lunar base.” “If we decide that money is not a concern and countries worldwide need to create a lunar base together, it may be possible in a few years,” he says. Professor Gartner is not the only one who is optimistic. Many scientists, cosmologists, and business people think that we are on the verge of making a breakthrough. Recent progress could move this vision forward.

How can we live on the Moon?

There are many reasons to build a permanent base on the Moon. The Moon provides the perfect foundation for telescopes to observe the universe deeply.

When Apollo 17 returned from the surface of the Moon in 1972, almost 50 years later, no one would have imagined that humanity was waiting to become the companion of this universe. Most people thought that humans would be migrating to the Moon by now. But the dream fell flat.

Design Lunar Base

The plan is to build a Moon-Village step by step. First, each lander will descend on the surface of the Moon near the Shackleton Crater and develop an inflatable module.The module will have up to four floors and eventually be used as a workspace, housing, scientific, industrial, and environmental site.

However, inflatable modules cannot effectively protect humans from harmful radiation, temperature changes, and micrometeorite collisions. ESA and MVA are now working with private companies to design a robot that can 3D print a protective shell around each structure using regolith collected on the Moon.

Toward the realization of

Europe, NASA, and China also aim for a long stay on the Moon. In reality, however, no matter who builds the first reliable lunar settlement, it is likely that one day it will develop into large-scale international cooperation that humanity has never experienced before.