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How was space made

How was space made

By daniele

Space the word is concise, but space is vast. We can’t even think about how ample, tremendous, vast, expansive, broad space. Outer space is another word used for space. Space is located near all the other galaxies, planets, and stars. How was space made?

Initially, when nothing existed, of course, space also didn’t exist. The first universe came into being; space, time, and energy were created after the great big bang explosion in the universe. This incredible explosion launches space and makes it even more expanded. Experts believe that there is no end to space. Humans can see only a tiny portion of space. According to the big bang theory, the universe came into being from a single minute matter, and then it expanded and became bigger and bigger. And space also came into being in this expansion of the universe. According to experts, space comes after the matter. From matter, space was originated. 13.8 billion years ago, space was made after the explosion of a tiny point, and it is now even expanding. The Time dilation phenomenon is also believed to be present in space. One hour is equal to 7 years on the space. Experts believe that space is filled with gas, dust, wind, charged particles, and gravity. Experts found that a tiny proportion of oxygen is available in space. The phenomenon of sound also doesn’t exist in space. 

Measuring space is always very challenging for the experts because it’s expanding over time. That’s how it’s challenging for astronauts to measure space. The majority of the area is empty in a room containing only gas, dust particles, etc.

Humans have a thirst for exploring new things and exploring new places. Space exploration helps humans know the universe and items present in the universe. 

The first man that went to Space was URI GAGARIN in 1961. His flight lasted for 108 minutes. The first animal was the dog sent to the space, but unfortunately, she died there. Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman who went to space in 1963. Following her footsteps, 64 other women also went to the space later.