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How to recognize the stars at night

How to recognize the stars at night

By daniele

Spotting stars and planets in the sky need some training and education. A person can only use Spotify and identify a particular group of stars and planets with a navigator and guidance. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and of course 59 other celebrities. But How to recognize the stars at night? 

What is a constellation? 

A group, set, or classification of stars in a particularly noticeable or recognizable way, and then this set or group is named after their pattern. This is generally known as a constellation. 

Astronomy could be challenging to understand because there is one whole community or society out there but stargazing or star watching is very easy nowadays with the help of sky and telescope editors. 

The best way to stargaze or star watch is to use no instrument. You have to know about stars’ names and their constellations. 

There is a list of the navigation stars and their constellations given below. 

1) Most of the most prominent stars in the sky are Hydra, Virgo,  Ursa Major, Cetus, and Hercules. 

2) Then there is the northern constellation in the sky which is the largest constellation which includes Ursa major, Hercules, Pegasus, Draco, and Leo

3) Then there is a southern constellation in the sky, including Hydra, Virgo,  Cetus, Eridanus, and Centaurus.

In the 2nd century AD, Ptolemy listed these constellations known as Greek constellations. These are the only constellations used from the beginning. 

Lynx was created by polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius in the 17th century, the 28th constellation in size. 

Hydra is the largest of them and has the shape of a snake( twisted constellation). 

Virgo is easy to spot in the sky despite not being the most prominent constellation.

Most of the easiest way of spotting stars and planets is possible with the naked eye, and the second thing to be considered is that select a place where buildings, towers, etc., don’t block your view. When you see stars and planets, both àppears as light, but the identification of a star is that A star twinkles and planets don’t. So this is how we identify stars and planets at night in the sky.