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How do astronauts breathe in ISS

How do astronauts breathe in ISS

By daniele

ISS stands for the international space station. Before going to space, everybody wants to know how they will breathe there and from where the oxygen will come to run the engine. How do astronauts breathe in ISS?

There was one advertisement in a 1979 movie named Alien “no one can hear your voice from space” this makes sense so well because there is no air in the space.The primary oxygen in space comes from the whole process called electrolysis, in which electricity from ISS solar panel is split into two different gases: Hydrogen and oxygen.

One of the researchers, Pery, stated that a plant-based oxygen system is effective but facing some difficulties, which we are trying to solve.In this process, the oxygen is made from electricity through water called electrolysis. The oxygen is brought from Earth by astronauts and Russian Astronauts, commonly called cosmonauts.The transport used for these supplies from Earth to the space station is called Soyuz Capsules (kind of spacecraft). These supplies are sometimes also available with unscrewed spaceships. There is only one thing on the space which is not available, and it is electricity, it is made in the area by converting solar panel sunlight into power.One horrible thing happened when they produced pure drinking water by recycling the wastewater, urine, and even sweat because the fresh supplies were not enough to sustain in the space station.

The systems they are using on the stations are somehow similar to submarines system. Chemically, the electrolysis process is the same as the photosynthesis reactions in plants.This process might look straightforward, but doing it is so complex that some advanced technology is used to pull off hundreds of miles below the Earth. This entire oxygen generation system can only attend seven people or staff at the board.When the astronauts go to sleep, they must be sure that they are in a properly ventilated area because if there is no proper airflow, then the carbon dioxide they are breathing out will flow up to them, which is not suitable for their lives.