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Here’s Your Proof That We Landed On The Moon

Here’s Your Proof That We Landed On The Moon

By daniele

In human history, only 24 people have flown close to the Moon, hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the Earth. Twelve of them set foot on the Moon in six independent missions.

  • We have left flags, photos, seismographs, mirrors, and even vehicles.
  • When I returned to Earth, I literally brought back pieces of the Moon, such as rocks and Earth.
  • The historic moment of the moon landing from the late 1960s to the early 1970s is not in the memory of the majority of people today.
  • Of course, some people are skeptical about whether it happened. Thankfully, in science, we can get evidence even if we are not there. Here are four pieces of evidence that the moon landing took place.

Here we will show why it is said that the moon landing did not occur and why it is wrong.


Some conspiracy theorists refer to the absence of stars in the pictures taken by the Apollo astronauts on the Moon. To get a better experience with CBBC news and sites, you need to enable JavaScript.

  • The greatest moment that Nasa astronauts watching explored the universe
  • The atmosphere is black because there is no air, but some people say that it is strange that there are no stars.
  • Although there are stars, they are too dark to see.
  • It makes sense to focus on an astronaut, not a star because you decide what to focus on when you take a picture.

Waving flag

Another claim is that the famous US flag in the moment’s picture seems to be fluttering in the wind. Some doubted that there was no air on the Moon and no wind.

Moon Flag.NASA

It seems to be moving, but it is not. It would have been disturbed and kept such a curved shape when it was buried in the ground.

Lunar rock

Another proof of the moon landing is that astronauts have returned with rocks on the Moon’s surface Astronauts have brought back more than 382kg of lunar stone, and for decades it has been shared and studied by scientists worldwide.