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Do Aliens Exist? What Is The United States Saying?

Do Aliens Exist? What Is The United States Saying?

By daniele

Before discussing whether aliens exist or not, let us know what aliens are? Aliens are hypothetical, debatable, imaginary, vague, fictional, and doubtful beings from another world. Fictional life is not stemming or arising on the earth. The study of these fictional and hypothetical life types, which are not produced or originate on earth, is known as astrobiology. 

There are many questions regarding the existence of aliens. Do they exist? If yes, then why we haven’t seen them yet or why we can’t hear them, or why we can’t (aliens and humans) communicate. Are they more intelligent than humans? Many experts and scientists deny the phenomenon that aliens have visited the earth. But some people say that it’s very obvious that we are not alone living here. The numbers of disbelievers are less than several believers. Many have witnessed the presence of bizarre creatures in the fields of small towns of America at night especially. Many trustworthy and acceptable sources have also confirmed the presence of these hypothetical beings. Most American scientists believe that extraterrestrial life is present outside the earth. New research suggests that unidentified objects are flying. 65% of Americans believe that another life exists on other planets, which means that most of them have the same belief regarding aliens. In a recent survey, 10417 people in America were asked about their beliefs regarding the existence of aliens. Surprisingly 76% of them aged between 18 and 29 believed that extraterrestrial beings do exist.

 Many people witnessed UFOs, due to whom it is now clear that Aliens do exist on the earth. A report on the unidentified aerial phenomenon was published on 25 June. It had less information, so it didn’t influence the people. Two American scientists on 5 June assumed 36 numerous alien communities. 

On the other hand, others experts suggested that they could be present in thousands of numbers. In whatever ways, this was concluded that alien civilizations are present but several thousand times far away from humans and earth.