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Best Astronomy Apps to learn about the Universe

Best Astronomy Apps to learn about the Universe

By daniele

Observing the universe’s planets from the earth is not that easy, or we can say it is impossible to see them with an eye because of light pollution. So we are unable to enjoy the celestial spectacles. We can’t observe it from our balcony as it might stir our examination.Therefore some astronomy apps are made to understand the universe through cellular devices. These devices contain images of the planets which gives the whole detail of it. These are some of the best astronomy apps through which we can understand the universe:


This app is come into being by an American agency with an English interface. This app is connected to NASA TV with various images in it. It explores the different missions like Apollo and Cassini’s mission. The app is updated with time as it is connected with Twitter and the agency.

ISS Live Now

This app can be used in IOS and android sets completely free. It has an advanced way to follow the different motions of ISS. It also contains the offer to watch clips recorded directly on the board. It can also be connected with NASA’S TV and live cameras.


This app was developed by Hanno Rein, having an English interface. It provides in-app purchases and is also available for IOS. Having a 3D graphics option, one can find the location of Exoplanet related to our solar system.

Spacecraft 3D

It is a fun way to get to know the space from your room. This app is available free on IOS and android phones. It provides a detailed illustration of the probes present in the universe and revolves through Mars, Earth, and space.

Mars Globe

It is a practical guide to planet MARS. To discover the various features of the red planet, you can discover them just from your smartphones.

Lunar Calendar PRO

As the name suggests, it is a free app that shows the different phases of the moon and its proportion of brightness every day. One can also keep a record of different phases of the moon