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3 Fatal accidents and disasters in Spaceflight history

3 Fatal accidents and disasters in Spaceflight history

By daniele

The disasters started happening from the time rockets flights began, which was back in the early 20’s century. Several missions led to failure; it takes lives and creates a negative impact on the public and government’s economy. The failure of science, technology, and design led to several shortcomings of space life, which caused the tragic loss of lives of astronauts. Many disasters happened, but some of them are so fatal and have created their names in history. Here we will discuss the three Fatal accidents and disasters in Spaceflight history

The Apollo 1 fire

This is considered the first human loss at the space program, in which three astronauts named Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee. They were preparing for the first flight to check the Apollo service module. Inside the capsule, these astronauts were running the test when suddenly the fire erupted, causing the high pressure of pure oxygen. The astronauts tried to run away from the craft. But the emergency opening got sealed, which caused the death of all three.

SOYUZ 1 Parachute Failure

After the incident of Apollo-1, the Soviets were intent on getting the lead back; their main aim was finance in the U.S, which was weak because of Apollo-1 failure. Their new Soyuz Craft was made for three persons and was given all its advanced features. The spacecraft was not that much ready for human testing. Just after the launch of this craft, it was facing several problems like failure to deploy the solar ray, control failure, communication issues, and many more. 

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

This incident was held on January 28, 1986, in which seven astronauts lost their lives just after the 7 seconds of their uplift. According to the investigation team, the external tank was destroyed because of the defective design of the solid rocket booster joint, which allows the hot gasses through the O ring seal. After these vast accidents, amendments were made to change its design; through new procedures to avoid such unpleasant accidents.

These were some of the most horrible accidents in history, and we are sure that nothing like this will occur again in the future.